schedule and application

Preparation of fertilizer needs to be done before any other activities. It is so easy to prepare it.

Just mix 1 Kg of the fertilizer and a bottle of pH balancer to make up to 10 Liter of water. This mixture is sufficient for a period of 1 month to feed approximately 136-145 palms(1ha) land area.

Only palms with trunk height of 3 feet and above can install with this injection system. With a hole drilled with depth of 9 inches, a PVC pipe is inserted, in leaving 2 inches length outside. Immediately 65-70ml of fertilizer will be injected in by using a normal knapsack sprayer. pH Balancer will play its role to "push" up the injected fertilizer to the whole palm, without it the whole system will not work.

Crop Age
Crop Age 5-10 years
• Trunk Height 1-1,5 m
• Most critical time for palm towards nutrient availability.
• Lack of nutrients at this age will be affecting yield in the coming years.
• Thus, feeding palm via trunk injection system will ensure continuous nutrients available
throughout the months, years and adverse conditions.

Crop Age 13 - 25 years
• Production / yield began to reduce at the age of 16 years old.
• If oil palm crop are not being fed properly in the initial stage, reduction of yield will be
more evidence even before the age of 16 years old.

Rotation of fertilizer